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This is an archive page with all the coupons in it. Categories are also shown. When you click on any specific category, all coupons from that category will show. By default, 9 coupons are shown every page. But you can change the count too.

  • Sample Coupon Code 2022

    10% Off

    Get 10% Off on all yearly plans of WP Coupons and Deals plugin with this coupon code. Boost your affiliate income now! 

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    Expires on: 01/26/2025

  • Awesome Coupon With Template Four

    10% Off

    This is a sample coupon with template four. Template four gives you the option to add three coupon codes in one coupon. This way if you have multiple coupons for the same product you can show them all at once, instead of adding three individual coupons. 1

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    Expired on: 11/18/2023

  • Get 10% Discount On WP Coupons and Deals Plugin

    10% Off

    We have a coupon code that will save you ​10% on any plans. How cool is that?! ​Use this coupon when you purchase any plan of WP Coupons and Deals Plugin. You will instantly save ​10%.​

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  • Sample Coupon With Template Three

    20% Off

    This is the description for the coupon. This is template three. It comes with a clean and simple design. If you don’t want too much information and you want a clear design, template three is perfect for you.

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    Expires on: 11/13/2025

  • Another Coupon With Template Two

    100% Off

    This is the description for the coupon. It’s using the second template for the coupon. This template comes with a expiration counter.

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  • Test Coupon Code With Template One

    70% Off

    This is the description for this test coupon. This is to show you how the template looks for the coupon shortcode.

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