Issues After Upgrading
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09/04/2019 6:10 am  

I sent an email about this, but since I don't see a way to login to a ticket system or access downloads here, I'm also pasting it here.  

1) the archive page is not showing the correct size image, they're cut off. I've resized the one for Planet Smoothie to 700x560 as suggested, but it's still not showing the entire image. If I make it any smaller or with more white background around it, it is too small on the coupon itself.

2) I'm using "coupon" and there is no option to print

3) There is no option to vote on the coupon

4) When I try to share to Facebook, no image is showing, even though I have another program that shares posts to Facebook with no problem.

5) There is no way to click on a coupon on the archive page and go to the coupon post to see the individual coupon.

6) I just used the use coupon tab on a post and it put the wrong coupon in with this code: [wpcd_coupon id=undefined] even though I clicked on single, food & drink, Planet Smoothie, it is showing the kitchen and bath one. I had to manually go get the shortcode and enter it into the post for it to work.

7) Several places it's telling me to upgrade to be able to do things, even though I've already upgraded and have disabled the basic version.



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