Import Coupons From a CSV File

Importing coupons from a CSV file is insanely easy. Go to ‘Import Coupons’ under ‘Coupons’ Menu.

First step is to select a CSV file from your computer and click on next.

On the next screen you will see a preview of your CSV file. This is just a preview, it doesn’t show all the data.

Below that, you can see a box ‘Select Import Fields’. This is where you select which field from your CSV will go where. For example, here we selected ‘Title’ field from CSV to be assigned as the ‘Coupon Title’. When you import coupons, Title from CSV will be the coupon title.

Once you have selected the fields, click on import.

When you click on ‘Import’, you will see this loading screen. Just wait for the process to complete. Don’t refresh this page or close this page. Import will not be successful if you do that.

Once the import is done, you will see a screen with details of how many coupons were imported. If there is any problem with importing you’ll see the error message too.


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