Best WordPress Coupon Plugin For Affiliate Marketers. 

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WP Coupons and Deals plugin is designed to elevate your earnings as a blogger or affiliate marketer. Our plugin is loaded with powerful features that will not only enhance your website’s appearance but also significantly improve your conversion rates.


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Stunning Design Templates

Choose from a variety of professionally designed templates that are fully customizable, ensuring your coupons and deals section matches your website’s aesthetics perfectly. Make your site stand out with eye-catching designs that will captivate your audience.

Click to Copy Coupon

Simplify the user experience with our one-click copy feature, allowing visitors to quickly copy the coupon code with a single click. This seamless functionality will keep your audience engaged and encourage them to explore more deals on your site.

Hide Coupon Code

Create a sense of urgency and exclusivity with our Hide Coupon Code feature. Encourage users to click on your affiliate links by revealing the coupon code only after they’ve clicked, increasing your chances of earning those valuable commissions.

Expiration Countdown

Add an expiration countdown timer to create a sense of urgency for your visitors. This powerful psychological trigger encourages them to act quickly, ensuring you capture more leads and increase your conversion rates.

Social Share Buttons

Make it easy for your visitors to share your coupons and deals with their friends and followers on social media platforms. WP Coupons and Deals comes with built-in social share buttons that can be easily integrated into your site, expanding your reach and increasing traffic.

Voting Buttons

Let your audience rate and vote for their favorite deals, providing you with valuable insights into what resonates with your visitors. This feedback can help you tailor your content and improve the overall user experience on your site.

Import Coupons from XML or CSV files

Easily import and manage your coupons and deals from XML or CSV files, saving you time and effort. This feature streamlines the process of updating your site with the latest deals, ensuring you always offer the best value to your visitors.

Image Coupons with Print Option

Create visually appealing image coupons that capture your audience’s attention, and offer a convenient print option for in-store use. This feature allows your visitors to easily print their favorite coupons directly from your site, bridging the gap between online and offline promotions.

….and many more!

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“We have been using WP Coupons and Deals for around 8 months now and we can say safely say that it is our favorite one out there. We had tried many different coupon plugins but we chose to stick with WP Coupons and Deals. Till date, we have had created more than 600 coupons using WP Coupons and Deals and we are extremely impressed with the simplicity and features of the plugin.”

Jeremiah Say, Humble & Rich.
Best Plugin For Affiliate Sales

This is the best WordPress coupon plugin I have found so far. It helped me to increase my affiliate sales. My coupons convert more now. I highly recommend each and every blogger to try.

Nishat Mahmud

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With WP Coupons and Deals I earned more money and return visitors. I bought the Pro license and I strongly recommend it! It’s an easy to use, customizable and powerful plugin.

Hervé C. Bons Plans Malins

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