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WP Coupons and Deals plugin is designed to make sure you get your affiliate sales from coupons and deals.

WordPress Coupon Plugin that's Easy and Powerful

WP Coupons and Deals is the best WordPress Coupon Plugin. Here are the features that makes WP Coupons and Deals the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress Coupon Plugin.

Click to Copy

Click to Copy

Users can copy the coupon code with just one click. How cool is that?

Coupon templates

Coupon Templates

Choose from seven different templates styles for your coupons.

Image Coupons

Image Coupons

Add printable image coupons that can be printed and used offline.

expiration countdown

Expiration Countdown

Create urgency with coupon expiration countdown. Make users take action.

social share buttons

Social Share Buttons

Add social share buttons in your coupons, let users spread the love.

Hide coupon code

Hide Coupon Code

Users have to open your affiliate link to see the coupon code.

Import coupons

Import Coupons

Import Coupons in Bulk from CSV files within minutes. Save your time.

Live Preview

Live Preview

Watch the coupon as you create it, so you know what you are doing.

Hide Expired Coupons

Hide Expired Coupons

Don't want to update expired coupons? No problem, just hide 'em.

Voting Buttons

Voting Buttons

Let your users vote whether a coupon worked for them or not.


We have been using WP Coupons and Deals for around 8 months now and we can safely say that it is our favorite one out there. We had tried many different coupon plugins but we chose to stick with WP Coupons and Deals. Till date, we have had created more than 600 coupons using WP Coupons and Deals and we are extremely impressed with the simplicity and features of the plugin.

Jeremiah Say

I’ve had this plugin for a couple of years and the support has always been remarkable. The plugin is wonderful as it does everything I need it to do! A+++ wish all plugin creators were on top of their customer service and work as much as this guy is!

Katie Elridge

Everything about this plugin is designed very intuitively. And it does what it says. I was able to do pretty much everything in one hour without even looking at any documentations. I had a minor issue about its pop-up opening function, and when I asked for help, I received replies from them instantly! Great support. Great plugin!

Hidemasa Ono

Top 3 Reasons Why Users Love WP Coupons and Deals

With Over 2000 Active users, WP Coupons and Deals is the perfect solution for you. Here's why bloggers, affiliate marketers and developers love WP Coupons and Deals, and you will too!

Multiple Coupon Templates and Designs to Choose From

WP Coupons and Deals comes with seven different templates that you can choose for your coupons. Every template has its own unique design and functionalities like featured images, countdown expiration, multiple coupon codes.

All the Fields & Features that You Need

WP Coupons and Deals comes with all the necessary fields you will need to add in a coupon and all the fields are integrated in all seven templates nicely. You can easily insert the coupons in posts/pages with the built-in shortcode inserter making it insanely easy for you.

Easy to Customize and Adapt Everything to Your Needs

WP Coupons and Deals comes with tons of settings and option that can you control and change. From design settings to coupon settings, voting settings, hide coupon settings, popup settings - you have everything you need to adapt it to your needs. You even have extras!

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Do you have a question about WP Coupons and Deals? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

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Start Making More Money With Your Coupons

Create and Publish Coupons in Minutes... What are you waiting for?