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  • ​Multiple Coupon Templates to Choose From.
  • ​Hide Coupon Code For Better Conversions.
  • ​Import Coupons in Bulk From CSV Files.

​"We have been using WP Coupons and Deals for around 8 months now and we can say safely say that it is our favorite one out there. We had tried many different coupon plugins but we chose to stick with WP Coupons and Deals. Till date, we have had created more than 600 coupons using WP Coupons and Deals and we are extremely impressed with the simplicity and features of the plugin."

​- Jeremiah Say, Humble & Rich.

​Best Plugin For Affiliate Sales

​This is the best WordPress coupon plugin I have found so far. It helped me to increase my affiliate sales. ​My coupons convert more now. I highly recommend each and every blogger to give it a try.

​Nishat Mahmud

​​Blogger Tracks

​Earned More Money & Return Visitors

​With WP Coupons and Deals I earned more money and return visitors. I bought the Pro license and I strongly recommend it! It's an easy to use, customizable and powerful​ plugin.

Seen Improvement in CTR

​My developer suggested this plug-in as an improvement to a previous solution we were using. I’m so glad they did. I have found it very simple to use and it works well with WordPress​. I have definitely seen an improvement in CTR using this plug-in.

​​Jen Larson

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First-class Customer Support

​Hands down, ​the best Coupon plugin ever made. Super friendly to use and first-class customer support. If you need a Coupon/Promo Code plugin for your website, get this one.

​Sto Adams

​Net Geek Pro

​Amazing Plugin for Affiliate Marketing

​WPCD is really an Amazing Plugin for Affiliate Marketing. It has Some useful features to save time & efforts as well as very responsive support from Imtiaz. I didn't find any better alternative​ that can provide quality & features.

​​Harpreet Munjal

Dot Com Only

​Best Coupon Plugin For WordPress

​WP Coupons & Deals is the best coupon plugin for WordPress that I have used. Lots of features, templates and options. Read my review on my site and find out why this is my favourite coupon plugin!

​One of the Essentials For ​My Projects

​Best Coupons Plugin for WP! I had some doubts at the beginning with this plugin but now it has become one of the essentials for my project. I'm very happy with its features!

​​Carlos Martín

​Super Chollos

​Won a Lot of ​Time ​Using ​This ​Plugin

​Won a lot of time using this plugin vs coding from scratch. WordPress is really good for SEO, so it's a good thing to use this plugin to make your deals and coupons easy to find.

​​​Sebastien ​Watiotienne

​J'ai Craqué

​I have had Great Result

​A really good plugin, I'm Brazilian and I have a discount coupon site. Apparently WP Coupons and Deals is the best plugin of its kind. I managed to customize the plugin so that it works in my language and I have had great result. Thanks Imtiaz.

​Arlivan Ferreira Camargo

​Sanva Online

​Great plugin and Great ​Support!

​Everything about this plugin is designed very intuitively. And it does what it says. I was able to do pretty much everything in one hour without even looking at any documentations. I had a minor issue about its pop-up opening function, and when I asked for help, I received replies from them instantly! Great support. Great plugin!

​​Hidemasa Ono

​Highly Recommended!

​Really good plugin and adds value to my site. The 14-day trial is recommended, as it already sold me in two days of use and I’ll definitely be purchasing the pro-version when the trial is up. If anyone wants to add coupon codes to their website, I would highly recommend WP Coupons and Deals. When I had a technical issue, the plugin developer fixed the issue almost instantly. Highly recommended.

​@gwadm on

​Good Work!

​Thank you so much for this coupon plugin. I found this is the only one plugin to post coupon codes on a page or anywhere using short code within site.

I found this plugin accidentally and now using it everywhere and showing all type of deals. With this plugin showing coupon code or just a deal is what I wanted for my website.

​​​@webfuelcode on