​WP Coupons and Deals Features

​WP Coupons and Deals is the best WordPress Coupon Plugin. Check out the amazing features that makes WP Coupons and Deals so powerful and user-friendly. 

​Coupon Templates

Don't worry about how your coupons will look. ​Choose from 7 amazing coupon templates. ​

​Image Coupons

​Printable Coupons? ​​Create and publish ​Image Coupons which can be printed to use off-line. 

​Click To Copy Coupon

​Convert more affiliate sales with user-friendly click to copy coupon code functionality.

​Hide Coupon Code

​​Hide Coupon Codes​, users have to open affiliate links if they want to see the coupon code.

​​Expiration Counter

​Create ​urgency with an expiration counter​ and make users to take actions. Convert more!

​Coupon Widgets

​Show coupons in your widget areas. 6 different widget styles based on coupon templates.

​​Import From CSV

Want to add lots of coupon at once? ​Import multiple Coupons in bulk from CSV files.

​​Live Preview

Know what you are creating. ​Check out the Live Preview of the coupons as you create them.

​​​Customize Everything

​Customize and control almost everything with ​easy to use but extensive settings options.

​Responsive Design

​Coupon templates are 100% responsive​ meaning they work on mobiles, tablets and desktops.

​....And Many More!!