​WP Coupons and Deals Features

​WP Coupons and Deals is the best WordPress Coupon Plugin. Check out the amazing features that makes WP Coupons and Deals so powerful and user-friendly. 

​Click to Copy​​​​

​Users can copy the coupon code with just one click. How cool is that?

​Coupon Templates

​Choose from seven different templates styles for your coupons.

​Image Coupons

​Add printable image coupons that can be printed and used offline.

​Expiration Countdown

​Create urgency with coupon expiration countdown.

​Social Share Buttons

​Add social share buttons in your coupons, let users spread the love.

​Customize Everything

​Customize and adapt everything to your needs.

​Hide Coupon Code

​Users have to open your affiliate link to see the coupon code.

​Import Coupons

​Import coupons from CSV files within minutes. Save your time.

​Live Preview

​Watch coupons​ as you create it so you know what you're doing.

​Hide Expired Coupons

​Instead of updating expired coupons, just hide them.

​Voting Buttons

​​Let users know whether a coupon worked for them or not.


​All the templates are responsive and fit in all screen sized.