Version 2.6.2 – Editor for Coupon Description, Design Settings and More!

WP Coupons and Deals just got updated to version 2.6.2 and we have lots of cool additions and bug fixes in this version.

Editor For Coupon Description

We have added the tiny version of Editor to the Coupon Description field.

Take a look below.

Now, you can format the coupon description i.e make bold, italic, underlined text, make lists, set alignments and most importantly create links in the description.

New Settings Panel – Design Settings

We have added a new settings panel -Design Settings.

Now, you can make the coupons look better with your website theme/colors.

Removed FontAwesome

Previously we used FontAwesome for social share buttons and voting buttons. But some of our users reported, it was conflictiing with their themes or other plugins.

So, we removed FontAwesome completely and relpaced the buttons with SVGs.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

Here’s a complete list of changelog for this version.

  • Add – Formatting Controls for Description i.e Bold, Italic, Underline, Lists, Alignments, Links.
  • Add – Options to Customize Coupon Type Names in Default Template.
  • Add – Option to Enable/Disable Coupon Title Link.
  • Add – NEW Settings Panel – Design Settings.
  • Add – Option to set Border Color for Default Template.
  • Add – Free Pro Trial Page in Admin Dashboard.
  • Add – Custom Styles in Live Preview Area.
  • Fix – FontAwesome Conflict with theme styles.
  • Fix – Missing Translation Strings and text domain.
  • Fix – Deal Type Custom Background Color Issue.
  • Fix – Undefined Index Bug in Settings Page.
  • Fix – Default checked=checked appearance in Metabox.
  • Fix – Tooltip height bug in some themes.
  • Fix – Voting Buttons Bug.
  • Fix – Voting Button Style Issue in Widgets and Some theme compatibality.
  • Fix – Thumbs Down Icon Bug in Widgets.
  • Update – Translation POT file.
  • Update – Freemius SDK to 2.1.0.
  • Update – Using SVG instead of FontAwesome for Buttons, better compatibility.
  • Pro – Add – Option to Hide Featured Image in Category and Archive Shortcode.
  • Pro – Fix – Link the Title in Archive Shortcode.
  • Pro – Fix – Link the Title in Category Shortcode.

Update WP Coupons and Deals as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you have any suggestions, submit a feature request.

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